Athletic Booster Club of Dexter


Wednesday, August 19, 2015  7 pm in the Team Room, Room 34

Dexter High School

[Text Box: Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 16, 2015 7pm Media Center - DHS] 

In Attendance: Regina Bell (President and Cross Country mens), Mary Beth Chesbrough (Lacrosse mens and Vice President), Kristine Ballard (Football and Treasurer), Linda Wood (Secretary ), Tracey Doyle (Baseball), Carol Bradshaw (Basketball mens),  Angie Nortley (Cross Country womens, & Track), Sarah Hawley (Dance), Rob Schwartzenberger for Lynette Schwartzenberger  (Equestrian), Susan Eschenberg (Field Hockey), Jen Drenner (Football), Kendra Keogh (Golf mens), Tammy James (Golf womens), Karen Howatt (Hockey), Beth Humpert (Lacrosse womens),  Tammy Knapp (Softball), Sharon Norris (Swim & Dive mens), Martha Kaufman (Swim & Dive womens), Kendra Keogh (Tennis mens), Laurie Higgins (Tennis mens), John Herold (Tennis womens), Amy Philage (Varsity Cheer), Kathy Kless (Volleyball), Jeffrey Blodgett (Water Polo mens), Mike Bavineau (Athletic Director)

Not Represented at this meeting: Soccer (womens)

Teams without Representation:  Soccer (mens) [has since been filled], Water Polo (womens), Wrestling

Positions Needed:  Webmaster, Middle School Rep.


1.  President’s Welcome – R Bell introduces herself and acknowledges that she wasn’t at the last ABCD meeting in May, when elections took place, as she had recently broken her leg.  R Bell introduced other officers.  Plan to show how ABCD athletics are funded, for new reps and old, and the role ABCD plays in that formula.   Stated that there have been some tweaks to the funding model.  Try to keep discussion until the end to stay on schedule.  Everyone introduced themselves. 

During Representative Introductions, Mens Swim & Dive Rep., S Norris reported that Robbie Zofchak qualified to compete in two events at the Olympic trials at the 2015 NCSA Summer Championships  CONGRATULATIONS TO HIM.   [Dexter 2015 graduate?? Can someone provide me info. on Robbie and possibly a picture we could put on the website]

R Bell welcomed M Bavineau to talk about how Athletic Funding works at Dexter High School –.  M Bavineau:  Explained that it is difficult to compare with other schools, even though you can generally get access to basic budget information online, the numbers do not explain how and why Athletic funding work.  Most schools you can breakdown budget, see them online.  Saline works different from Chelsea which works different from Dexter. 

How we did it in Dexter, using estimated figures.   

Middle school plus high school sports – get around $1,000,000 from the general fund to do everything = school gives me this to do this Pay to play, gate fees, all goes back to school.  Raise around $300,000.  Give back to school.  So in this scenario, the school ends up putting $700,000 to athletics.  If “Athletics – the AD’s office” was able to raise additional funds – these additional funds would go back to the school’s general fund, not towards athletics.  M Bavineau also wanted to clarify that Pay-to-Play does not go to cover your sport.  Goes to offset the money from the general fund given to AD at the beginning of year.

School funding in general:  Several years ago, the school used to get around $7800 per student.  Now it’s around $7300 .  School gets this pot from the state.  School then decides - how are we going to allocate this? 

85% goes to people, salary, teachers, bus drivers, etc.  Then, the Board has to decide, how can we allocate the remaining X dollars to provide opportunities to our students.  Some people feel that athletics is not deemed to be important.  Not the case.  Educating them is just more important, that is what we are here for.  Go to any meeting, mhssa ‘educational athletics’.  Education is the most important.  Can we educate them on the sporting field? Absolutely, but academics is first.  School Board has to make very difficult decisions.  We could end up getting less.. And less.  P2P may look different next year.  We do not know.  EVERY dollar Athletic office gets, goes back to the school.

If we as ABCD did not raise the money we do, we would not have what we now have in terms of sports.  We run a tight ship.  We are pretty bare bones.

M Bavineau thanks all for volunteering.   We would not be able to function without fundraising.  Fundraising is becoming much more important in athletics – across the board. 

Regina: important for us to understand it.  We all need to help Dexter Athletics.  We need to be one for all and keep that mindset.  All kids doing well in sports is important, good for one, good for all. 

The need for a social media helper was also brought up, in addition to webmaster.  Could a student do this?  Those in the newspaper and similar extra-curricular are already strapped for time.  Maybe a student not involved has interest in being ‘ABCD Social Media Coordinator’.

Secretary’ Report Request if any additional changes were needed to last set of minutes.  None were requested.  Asked all to check info. on the attendance/rep. info form going around.

Treasurers report

Stadium fund was moved over to our fund as it was very old.  M Bav to use those funds for bricks or whatever.

Misc. Income you see on the financials was because dexter soccer club opened conc. For ‘Dexter in the Dark’.

June 30 end of fiscal year.  K Ballard went over the summary (attached) Covered attached summary.   Fundraising Income Sources: Barnblast trivia holiday 50/50.

‘Business expense’ refers to – taxes etc.  licenses

A NEW GRANT SPENDING POLICY WAS ANNOUNCED.  This policy is intended to keep finances in order.  By November 1, 2015, all grant monies awarded at the May 2015 meeting, must be spent.  A letter will be going out to all coaches, with a summary of what was granted to them, and explaining policy and purchase deadline and reminding coaches that the AD office shall make all purchases on behalf of the team (this is to ensure that any discounts the school receives can be maximized; to capture any volume economies for multiple purchase and to ensure that no taxes are charged).  So far, only one grant has been spent. This is a change.  The letter will also show what they have been granted the last two years.  Next and subsequent years, the deadline will move to September 1.

Falls sports that need concession cash see Kristine at the end. 

Brief Overview of Rep/Team Responsibilities:

Every team is responsible for:  Holiday hustle (ave 2 per team) 

Barn Blast – take on a role.  15% of net profit split amongst three leaders.

Trivia Night – Discussion took place on if it makes sense to ‘require’ every team to reserve at least one table.  Arguments for and against.  Somewhat summarized that it is not fair to require all sports to have a full table, too many variables. Huge disparity in size of teams, unavoidable conflicts (hopefully less than last year).  It is a fun event and people come if they can come.  There are also teams outside of current teams.   In Summary, as much effort will be made as possible, to hold the event on a night with fewest conflicts, and expect that everyone make the best attempt to get a group there. 

T Doyle shared an idea that has worked for her in the past to help with roles such as this – enlist a subgroup from your team, to be ‘soldiers’  - help share the responsibilities.  Not everyone wants to step up and take a leadership role, but still want to help. 

Concessions, give M Bavineau any fobs from last year.   Meet with MB for 10 minutes after meeting is over (fall concessions).  Get float money from Kristine.

New Funding Model: 

Discussion about ABCD promoting all sports, working for and with each other.  Want to dedicate some money to ‘marquee’ projects – bigger project that help promote and advance the whole sports program, or more than one sport, or needed items that would otherwise be too expensive.  In order to do this, 10% of profits from fundraisers will be set aside for these projects, and 5% of concession sales – which will come out of the 40% that teams usually get, reducing that amount to 35%.  The effects of these changes were modelled on the board by K Ballard to show the impact using last years’ numbers as an example.

Team Leaders for Large Fundraiser(s):  15% of net profit divided by 3 team leaders

Smaller fundraisers: 15% of profits for organizing team.

If a non-concession team that fulfills all of the duties necessary, does not request or receive a coach’s grant item, they will receive $250 for their team.

Non- concession teams events:


28 spots for workers.  Tables, trailer, main concession. 

7 teams, 4 per team.  Ist dibs, fall non- concession, then winter then spring.   All teams that work homecoming will get the same amount, no matter where they are working, including 50/50 if that comes to pass.    Emails will go out before the sign-up genius goes live for each event.  Discussion took place whether it’s OK for high school kids to work in concession stands.  M Bavineau stated that was not a good idea to have kids helping at events where there is cash. 

50/50 will not be happening until the license is in place.  Is a very lengthy procedure now, to get the license. 

MB Chesbrough will be getting all the food.  Concessions will be stocked.    Hot dog runs are sometimes necessary.

You have options for different ideas in terms of what you sell in concession stands, just make sure you are averaging a 100% mark-up – ie if we purchase an item for $0.50, should be selling for around $1.00. 


Cottonwood is for sale – no more events – barn blast without the Barn.  Thought is to maybe taking it away from November.  Is late now to try and pull off a major fundraiser in two months is really difficult.  Propose to move major fundraiser to February.  Propose moving it back to Knights of Columbus. Accoustics were terrible at the Barn, Cornman - very difficult to address crowd at all or to run an auction.   K of C.  Fairly inexpensive, serves its purpose.    K of C does lent Friday dinners and a big rummage sale in the winter.  What about Polo fields, AACC, Gordon Hall? Cornman?  Price is an issue.   Booster Blast.  Trivia Night, need leaders.  There is a lot of information available for anyone who does take on some of these things.   If anyone has any other wonderful fundraising ideas, please put forth.   MB Chesbrough or R Bell will not be taking a lead role in fundraisers but certainly willing to pass on the info/knowledge.

Nov. and Feb. are good dates.    End of school is crazy. 

Any ideas?  Any interest?  Also, need to request items from larger companies ahead of time. 

What are the roles of the three leads?

A.  Logistics – venue, license, food, liquor,  (more early work)

B.  If Auction, Auction items, getting them, put together the auction book, set up auction items  (all time)

C.  Day of person, check in, check out, ticket sales?   (more later work)

Any new business?

John Herold – speaking on behalf of Coach Smothers – tennis team:   Tennis courts are starting to deteriorate, what is the process to start to get these repairs going.  Is there a scheduled time for re-surfacing.  AD office is aware of this issue.  School has a company that does this.  When will it happen ?.  This kind of falls into the marquee project.  No money to do it now.

If we offer some money - $4,000 say, then the Board may be more likely to ‘buy the sell’.  Ie Baseball, softball fields, we need to do preventative maintenance.  To save the big bill down the way.  Do the courts need to be completely torn out?  Thought it, ‘not yet’ if maintenance is doen 

Kless vball – what qualifies as a ‘marquee project’.    Big ‘nice to have’.    Some projects could also benefit the community, could benefit other teams.   Not necessarily all teams.  We need to help the teams that need help.

What about the ABCDEFD RUN?  Regina – costs were too prohibitive.  Hudson Mills is now very expensive to use to run a meet.  Then the cost of timing company or equipment, would not be a good fundraiser.  

Dedicate your Busch’s MyWay card to ABCD.  Busch’s will have a table at the first two football games.  It is easy to change – you can go online and do it yourself.   Try to get every dollar we can.  Should see if Meijer, Target others do something similar. 

L Wood – motion to adjourn seconded by all. Adjourned.