Athletic Booster Club of Dexter


Wednesday, December 16, 2015  7:00 pm in the Media Room

Dexter High School

[Text Box: Next Meeting: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 7pm Media Center - DHS]

In Attendance: Regina Bell (President, Mens Cross Country), Linda Wood (Secretary), Mary Beth Chesbrough (Vice President, Men’s Lacrosse), Kris Ballard (Treasurer, Football), Jeff Blodgett (mens water polo), Angie Nortley (Womens XC & Track), Carol Bradshaw (Mens Basketball), Stephannie Seidl (Mens Basketball), Beth Humpert (Womens Lacrosse), Julie Olson (Womens Basketball), Martha Kaufman (Womens Swim & Dive),  Laurie Higgins (Mens tennis), Kendra Keough (Mens golf), Kathleen Kless (volleyball), Tracey Doyle (baseball)

Not Represented:  Hockey, Womens Water Polo, wrestling, middle school, AD, mens golf, womens tennis, equestrian, cheerleading, dance, softball, field hockey, mens & womens soccer         

1.Presidents Welcome and Report – out of n – no celebrations noted.  All members are encouraged to think of and bring forth creative fundraising ideas, large and small.

2. Secretary’s Report – Previous months minutes were approved.  Dick’s Sporting Goods Grant Proposal report from Sharon Norris was tabled at she was absent.  NHS “Pay it Forward” Update by Ann Donevan tabled as she was absent.

3.Treasurer’s Report – November is a slow month, net negative of just of $5,000.  All Grant purchases came in, and there is about $5,000 to be paid out on these grants which will lead to a net loss to date of around $10,000.  Though all big payments will be out. 

4.Vice Presidents Report –

                                Holiday Hustle – Race was great, we had enough volunteers in the end, thanks to some folks who came through to get our numbers up.  Some teams did more, some did less.  Some Representatives discussed valid reasons why their teams were unable to volunteer more.  We do not have final amount that we will receive yet. 

                                Concessions – Gym Hot Dog Steamer finally broke.  Will rotate football or soccer hot dog roller into the gym concession. 

                                Classic Pizza Wednesday – reminder for all reps to remind everyone they can.    With December being so busy we have not had quite the push of October.  Will be interesting to see how December compares to what we made in October (near $500).  We will all have to do a big push in April – our last month.

5.Fundraising –

Trivia Night – Interested team names were drawn – Women’s Water Polo will be organizing Trivia Night.  There has been confusion about the date of Trivia night.  It is SATURDAY, APRIL 23, 2015 .  The cost will be the same as last year unless organizer feels differently - $20 per person.  The amount is not optional.  All members at each table are required to put $20 in the table envelope.  This could also change to strictly a fee collected upon entry. 
BWW pre-game Fundraiser – many details were discussed; much to be finalized in terms of details of the event.  In the end, with the holiday break and some other issues that made it hard to hammer down the necessary details in time, it was decided that the BWW fundraiser would be saved for one of the other planned fundraisers. 

6.New Business – K Kless from volleyball stated that she went to the AD’s office and asked Hope for her itemized account and Hope said she could not provide that.  Next Step:  K Kless to email Mike Bavineau to let him know what was asked for and what the response was.