Athletic Booster Club of Dexter


Wednesday, February 18, 2015  7:00 pm in the Media Room

Dexter High School

[Text Box: Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 18, 2015 7pm Media Center - DHS]

In Attendance: Brad Hochrein, (President, wrestling), Linda Wood (Secretary ), Kristine Ballard (football and treasurer),  Leigh Hook (Vice-President and Field Hockey),  Julie Olsen (womens basketball),  Carol Bradshaw (mens basketball), Amy Philage (varsity cheer), Lisa Valle (Dance Team),  Nancy O’Piela (womens softball), Marcia Whitlock (womens softball), Mary Beth Chesbrough (mens lacrosse), Kimberly Smith (womens tennis), Angie Nortley (womens cross country and track), Regina Lucas-Bell (mens cross country), Jen Drenner (football), Kevin Bullister (womens lacrosse), Beth Kedroske (volleyball), John Esposito (Baseball), Tami Pederson (womens soccer), Wayne Pederson (mens soccer), Amy S. Graham (mens soccer), Tammy James (women’s golf), Raymond Schwartzenberger (equestrian), Susan Rosevelt (Middle School Rep)

Not Represented:  mens tennis, hockey  (was last hockey game of season), mens swim and dive, womens swim and dive, mens golf, Men’s Water Polo, AD,


1.President’s Welcome  - B Hochrein welcomes all representatives and a special welcome to our two new Softball representatives.   Also reminded members that the positions of President, Vice President and Secretary are being vacated after this academic year. 


2.Secretary’s Report – L Wood asked if any changes to minutes.  Pedersons noted that there was a rep. for men’s soccer at the last meeting.  [This was noted in the attendance section but mens soccer was also listed as ‘not represented’.]  This change will be made to last month’s minutes.  Motion to accept minutes K Smith, seconded.  Motion passed


3.Treasurer’s Report – K Ballard has been tracking down Coach’s Wish List purchases that were granted last June.   Remaining purchases should be made in the next month (if your coach has not organized their purchase for items granted, they need to arrange to do so through the AD’s office – reminder, all purchases should be made by the AD’s office and not directly by the teams).  There was some discussion about upcoming wish list requests.  Next meeting the information will be sent out to coaches.  [subsequent to this meeting, I checked the by-laws.  The ANNUAL MEETING of ABCD is to be held the second Tuesday of JUNE, or some time close to that.  At this meeting, officers are elected, wish list items are voted on (having previously been reviewed by officers and the athletic director.  At this meeting, the Annual Report is also to be presented.(?))  Bylaws 7.1 & 7.2  [fyi I will be out of country on this date, so would prefer to go to the next week, but of course this date takes precedence if it is the preferred date by the group]. 


4.Trivia Night – J Janosi was unable to attend the meeting, L Wood reported that things were coming along [subsequent to the meeting, L Wood double checked J Janosi’s email and she had stated the she would soon be sending the poster out to reps].  Board of Representatives would like posters available, and ability to reserve tables, put in place prior to next meeting so we can start filling the hall.  L Hook noted that each team is expected to reserve a table.  (There can be one person from your team, and their friends or however.  There are groups of alumni and other non athlete parents that attend – and tables with a variety of different sports represented at times).   Tables are not to be identified by sport unless that is how the group is defined.   We hope to have a plan in place as to how tables will be ‘found’ by groups.


5.Barn Blast Review  – Further discussion on having something similar every year or not.  As we count on this income, it was discussed that we could do a few other fundraisers in place of a large ‘Blast’ event.  (Ideas, golf scramble, companies sponsor holes – football does this)  K. Bullister   brought up the idea of advertising on school buses as a possible revenue generating idea [and subsequent to the meeting confirmed that Michigan law allows for advertising inside school buses to be sold]  May be hard to keep this revenue for athletics, but if we develop the idea – who knows.    The fate of Cottonwood Barn was discussed.  They just recently were given some kind of one year reprieve until (it reaches a higher court??) – result being anything currently booked for 2015, will go forth, but they cannot take any new reservations at this time.  Mary Beth is going to check to see if our tentative event is tentatively booked to know whether or not we even have the option to hold an event there again next year or not.  She will report back.  MB Chesbrough encouraged everyone to ask friends/relatives that are from different school districts to see what types of fundraisers they do – could put a query out to all your FB friends as well.    A motion was made to develop a sub-committee to brainstorm new fundraising ideas.  Regina Bell volunteered to chair this committee.  Anyone interested should email Regina at    Would like to have a manual in place that outlines information needed to replicate a barn blast type event.   Anyone who had any role in BB and would like to add some information this would be great.  Idea to set up an ABCD gmail address and we could start a google doc that people could all contribute too.  [I created a gmail address.  It is  - abcdexter was taken?? And the password is godreads17   so we can start preparing a manual that we can all access. – Upon re-reading these minutes, I realized I should have used a capital D in the password, because it now reads “god reads” but I couldn’t quickly figure out how to change it, so it is go dreads, or god reads, whatever your preference.  And the arbitrary number 17.  If these minutes are ever posted on our website, we will remove this password discussion…]   If you have information You want to share, you can forward to K Smith, or wait until a document has been set up and add directly.   ABCD thank you notes are in the works.  MB Chesbrough showed us the cards.  Cards have a space for athletes to sign and are generic (do not specifically reference BB, so can be used for other things).  As the incremental cost is low, was decided to print 500 (250 will basically cover BB, but to have extras for this low cost, decided to do 500). 

6.Brains & Brawn Race – R Bell reported that she has done some research with race companies.  There is Epic, A2Race Management and Running Fit.  For the size of event we are looking at, A2 would be the best fit.  They do smaller, charity races.  Cost would be about $500 for the timing setup etc.  Hudson Mills does not charge us and the course is already set.   Ed. Foundation has reserved a tent at Dexter Daze for registration and to promote the event.   Question was brought up as to whether the proposed race title might be stereotyping.  Though not expanded upon really.    ABCDEFD was mentioned … though this may not help with awareness and differentiation among the two organizations.   Looking at a September date.  R Bell to bring proposal and financials to the next meeting.

7.AD’s Office Report – AD was not in attendance.

8.New Business – L Hook summarized the state of disrepair of concession appliances.  Several popcorn machines, coolers and hot dog machines need repair.  The repair place is in Detroit.  In order to get an estimate the items would need to be brought downtown.  L Hook asked for permission to repair these items without providing a quote first.  L Wood motion to approve, B Hochrein seconded.  Motion was passed by vote.   According to section 7.4 of our by-laws C Glahn addressed our meeting.  She provided an information fact sheet regarding the potential Dexter Community Schools Whitmore Lake Schools annexation.  Cindy encouraged members to become involved if they are interested in this decision.  The ‘Fact Sheet’ that C Glahn made available can be found under ‘files’ on the No Annexation Without Representation Facebook page or by emailing me.  The Board of Education also has a fact page that can be found here  R Bell, ABCD member is also a member of the Ad Hoc Committee and provided additional insight into the process.  The next Ad Hoc meeting is Monday, February 23. 


Meeting was adjourned.