Athletic Booster Club of Dexter


Wednesday, January 20, 2016  7:00 pm in the Media Room

Dexter High School

[Text Box: Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 17, 2016 7pm Media Center - DHS]

In Attendance: Regina Bell (President, Mens Cross Country), Linda Wood (Secretary), Mary Beth Chesbrough (Vice President, Men’s Lacrosse), Jeff Blodgett (mens water polo), Angie Nortley (Womens XC & Track), Amy Stegmuller (Womens Lacrosse), Martha Kaufman (Womens Swim & Dive),  Laurie Higgins (Mens tennis), Kathie Piatek (Hockey), Lynette Schwartzenberger (Equestrian), Jen Drenner (Football), Sharon Norris (Mens Swim and Dive), Tami Pederson (Women’s Soccer), Sarah Hawley (Dance), Tammy Knapp (Softball), Greg Palkowski (Women’s Golf), Amy Philage (cheer), Tammy James (Women’s Golf), Anne Donevan (Water Polo), Kim Wheeler (Men’s Soccer)

Not Represented:  Mens Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Mens Golf, Volleyball, Baseball, Wrestling, Middles School Rep, AD


1.Presidents Welcome and Report

 BWW – some issues came up with the fundraiser.  We thought we were getting all gate fees – but it turns out that is not the case.  Which means that in order to capture that amount, we would need to roll the gate fees back into the price (when we had decided not to so that the price did not have to look so daunting)  Holidays took over, everyone was busy.  Needed more logistics to be planned before the break.  Didn’t want to waste the opportunity of doing this fundraiser with BWW – will wait until it is better planned out.  There was a lot more logistical issues then anticipated, being on-site at the school .  The Principal has to sign off etc.
TRIVIA NIGHT – April 23.  Ann Donevan organizing.  It is the same day as April Showers track and field tourney.  Question was asked if anything different was done at the Band Trivia night.  They had some baskets, not a lot.  Mulligans worked well for us.  There was a convo. about the price.  There was some pushback last year when the price went up to $20.  Used to be a ‘donation’ with an amount suggested.  We could bring price back down to $15 and emphasize ‘Donations to ABCD to be inserted in envelope.  Minimum donation of $15’ to suggest larger donations are good. ‘  Will be up to organizers.  There are no hard fast rules.
RAFFLE LICENSE – Horrendous process.   We received bad advice, to apply for both licenses at the same time – Gaming and Raffle.  We should have applied for gaming license first, get vetted, and then apply for the secondary license (Raffle/Bingo/millionaire).  We also did not have the full articles of incorporation.  We will possibly be getting in time for the Chelsea game.   In house raffles do not need to have numbers. To confirm 25% goes to team running the raffle, 25% to ABCD 50% to winner.  Can sell $1 for 1 $5 for Armslength $20 for height.  Teams interested were to respond by next day and put in a draw.

2. Secretary’s Report

 DICK’S –  $50 GC and coupons with no mention of Grant.  We can use coupons at Trivia night in some way. 
NHS “Pay it Forward Update” is tabled
Classic Pizza – December total was near $500 but was less than October, which indicates that our efforts at promoting have an impact.  Need to really push our last month which is April.
Still need someone to work on our website.  Kevin Bullist said he had someone he might ask.


3.TREASURERS REPORT – Kristine sent out reports.  No questions were reported.


4.VICE PRESIDENTS REPORT – We now have a Coca Cola rep which is good news.  We are getting a new Coca Cola cooler as the Pepsi one is not really working very well.   Would like to reduce the variety of soft drinks ordered and bring in lemonade.  Getting rid of orange powerade for sure, probably Sprite zero.  Also reduce the variety of candy to speed things up and reduce the need for space.  There is a cooler in the auxillary space at Al Ritt.  Kids seem to like pickle in a bag.  We could get the kids involved in making decisions, maybe do a contest, get the squall involved.  Some new ideas – walking tacos, classic cheese sticks.


5.THOUGHTS ON REORGANIZING STRUCTURE OF ABCD TO INCREASE EFFECTIVENESS – Research was done with other schools and most have a Fundraising officer.  Concessions is also too much for one person to do, so it should be performed by committee.  A sample re-organization was distributed and is attached here.   The idea might be that the small groups meet monthly and the whole group meets quarterly.   There is evidence that people and businesses want to support athletics – we need to be more coordinated and act as one group – really the whole school.    Need consider how we can benefit from sponsorships.   We have had some external people volunteer to help and we need to take advantage of this, and utilize them as well as possible.  Those who stated they would follow-up will do so.  We should reconsider looking at the old Booster Blast format.  Should discuss this next meeting.  Could do something totally different.  NULL was brought up – EFD is doing their event there this year.  It is quite exorbitant to do something there on a weekend night.  More ideas, if we did do something there, the good thing is that you can bring in food.   Marketing March Madness is an idea.  Could tie in BWW – charge $10-$15 – do 50/50.

Linda to look up when grant requests were due last year.