Athletic Booster Club of Dexter


Wednesday, March 16, 2016  7:00 pm in the Media Room

Dexter High School

[Text Box: Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 20, 2016 7pm Media Center - DHS]




In Attendance: Linda Wood (Secretary and in for Mens Cross Country), Mary Beth Chesbrough (Vice President, Men’s Lacrosse), Julie Olsen (Womens Basketball),  Tammy James (Girls Golf), Angie Nortley (Womens XC & Track), Sarah Hawley (Dance), Amy Philage (Cheerleading), Jeff Blodgett (Mens Water Polo),  Beth Humpbert (Womens Lacrosse), Martha Kaufman (Womens Swim & Dive), Laurie Higgins (Mens Tennis),    Lynette Schwartzenberger (Equestrian), Jen Drenner (Football), Sharon Norris (Mens Swim and Dive), Tammy Knapp (Softball), Tracey Doyle (Baseball), Stephanie Seidl (Mens Basketball), Greg Palkowski (Women’s Golf),  Anne Donevan (Water Polo), Kendra Keough (Mens and Womens Golf),  John Herald (Womens Tennis), Jennifer Niedermeier (Volleyball)

Not Represented:  Mens Golf, Middles School Rep, AD, Hockey, Softball, womens soccer, mens soccer




Lots to celebrate – Girls basketball, Swim tearing up – We Love Dexter has been providing great coverage – we re-post a lot of their items on our FB Page
Website Discussion – Greg reported that one of the companies he talked to said that a totally new site, total re-build would be like $7,500 – but the people he talked to said that our site was pretty good – nice looking, has everything we need.  D Smith (Kim Smith’s husband) is doing websites from home – he would do a great job for low price – but we may just need an ‘updater’ who will make changes and any updates, change pictures etc.  All minutes, financials etc. should be on site.  Could maybe add the We Love Dexter blog posts etc.  The one thing that Greg reported as being a downfall of our current site, was that it is not set up to work well on phones, ipads etc. other platforms
TRIVIA NIGHT – April 23.  Ann Donevan reports .  Choir is doing Trivia at the same place the week before.  We have a larger group to pull from so should not be a huge issue.  Will have to make all of our communications clear.  They also arranged for the only ‘Trivia Gurus’ in town to run their event, and they were apparently told by ‘someone at ABCD’ that we weren’t doing Trivia night this year, so they are overcommitted and unable to do ours.  Anne Donevan has been doing a lot of research and will have Trivia Night ready.  She is also getting help from the ‘Trivia Gurus’ aka Barb Watkins, regarding the other quiz sheets that are usually on the tables and other aspects of running trivia night.  There will be door prizes for the first 15 tables booked, and there will be a raffle for several prizes including a wheelbarrow full of liquor.  Tickets will be drawn and the winner can choose the prize they want until the last one, this will be done at the end of the night.   Tables will be sold for $175 donation for up to 10.  Individual seats will be sold for $20 donation per.  We discussed paying up front (hopefully online) as a better way to do things so people don’t back out at the last minute (or if they do, we still get the entry donation).  Anne is looking into pre-pay on the website – a way to combine signup genius and payment.  There are 26 tables with 10 spots each.  Anne is going to add a QR Code to the poster so people can scan to get the url for signup and payment.  EventBrite does online pay and signup – she will look into.   Should be easier to sell tickets because we did not already ask our friends, team parents, to attend a fundraiser this year.   We can approach some businesses to get raffle items but with much restraint as it is kind of nice that we didn’t bug everyone this year.  And we are NOT to ask Bushes because they have given us the huge donation, increase from 500 hotdogs and buns per year to 1700.  They are asked by EVERY sport for items.  There is a new manager (Nishita) who seems to be whipping things in shape.  MB and RB met with her last week.  We purchase all of our water from there (at $3/case) and it should be policy that if small volumes of hotdogs/buns need to be purchased – then they should be purchased from Buschs.  We will use the donated hotdogs for Al Ritt large concessions because there are freezers and extra coolers there – and the hot dogs come 80 per bag.  We have an account with Buschs so you do not have to pay at the time, and is one less receipt the treasurer has to deal with.  Flyer will be available by this weekend.  We all need to push. 


 COACHES REQUESTS – Letters to Coaches will go out near beginning of March (should also be copied to each rep).  Will outline criterion, factors that go into decision again, and this year may include something about the fact that we did not do the big fundraiser this year so there is not near so much in the pot to distribute.  (Linda to look at last years letter and draft update).  To confirm, each teams 35% from concession earnings comes out of the pot before we have a balance that we are working with.  The break down is 35% to the working team, 5% Marquee item, 10% to ABCD 50% inventory and expenses (maintenance equipment etc).  To the extent that inventory/maintenance costs are > 50%, the difference will come out of (or go back to) the ABCD 10% portion.  Requests will be due mid-April as they were last year.


 Re-stated that some names were missing from attendance on the first minutes that went out, but were corrected on second version.  No other changed were requested and the minutes were approved.
HOLIDAY HUSTLE – We will be receiving $2,200 in check ceremony on Tuesday, February 23 at 12:00 noon at the Gazebo (I may have said the 22nd at the meeting).  Regina and/or Mary Beth will be there to accept the check.  Good work everyone!  Our biggest fundraiser of the year to date!!!



FINANCIALS -  Actual Profit to date is approx.. $1,000, though our real balance is approx.. $35,000.  (There are approx. $6,000 still to come out for last years grants – this has been taken out of this amount).  Financials were sent out prior to the meeting.
TREASURER VACANCY – Kristine will not be treasurer this after this year.   She reports that her biggest hurdle this year was figuring out what was due when.  She is planning to make a report that details all of this information so it will be much smoother next year.  Other than that, it is really a matter of plugging the numbers in.   Question was asked if you need to be some kind of accountant to be able to do this and Kristine responded no.    It would be great if someone that is willing to take on next year – if they could work with Kristine through the end of this year – shadow her so the transition will be even smoother.   [We are all so grateful for the great work that Kristine did by coming in and saving the day, and by what she will do help make the role a simpler one next year.)  Everything is in quickbooks.  Even the paying of the taxes is automatic, you dump a )



 CONCESSIONS – Districts men’s basketball will need concession coverage on March 9 and March 11 (March 7 is covered by basketball).  There will be two games on March 9 – concessions to be open at 5:30 for 6:00 pm game, and then will be a game at 7:30-8:00 pm.  On Friday there is one game at 7:00 pm so concessions should be open at 6:30.  If we split the 9th into two sessions, we could have three teams bringing 3 people.  Will go through same procedure as before, though if your team has already been the ‘winner’ of one of these raffles, that will deem them ineligible for this. 

Returning to the Bushs donation covered above – the new manager said some teams are coming in more than once PER MONTH asking for things.  We need to try and lay off or they need to initiate some limits on their end, which they probably will eventually end up doing.  If every team asked for just one thing then that is 28 donations, plus the huge donation they are giving us. 


Next meeting will spend a chunk of time discussing re-org for next year.  By the April meeting we need to pick a date for large fundraiser and pick a venue.  Go back to a November date as in past.



Anne Donevan followed up on the Pay it Forward money.  We talked about NHF Fun Run.  Not a bad idea but does not deal with specifically Dexter kids. 

The SNAP[?] program deals strictly with Dexter kids with disabilities.  Anne talked a bit about the wonderful structure of the organization.  They do events like mini-golf, bowling etc., and their funds are low (reiterated by another board member).   Linda to write a blurb for our site and send to WeLoveDexter. 

Anne also reported on the opportunity to man a water station at the Dexter Ann Arbor run.  Will need around 10 people.  You get $200, but if you are one of the ‘top three reviewed stations’ (secret runners judge) you get another $200!.  You need to be fun, dress up etc.  Some folks suggested that cheer and/or dance might be ringers for this.  They normally have the same groups that do each station year after year.  We have the opportunity to get in this year as they are adding one more station.   We agreed to say yes, and then figure out who will do it.  It is the first Sunday in June so it is warm fun event, over by 10am. 

Kendra Keough reported that Panera is starting Dine to Donate.  We should get in early and just pick a night.  If you get at least 50 people come in – we get X amount (goes up in increments).   Question was asked – can you get take-out as well and have it count.  Kendra will check into this a book a date.  You have to book at least 30 days in advance.