Wednesday, May 18, 2016  7:00 pm in the Media Room

Dexter High School

[Text Box: Next Meeting: August 17, 2016 7pm Media Center - DHS]

In Attendance: Regina Bell (President, mens cross country), Linda Wood (Secretary and in for Track), Mary Beth Chesbrough (Vice President, Men’s Lacrosse), Melissa Overton (Men’s Lacrosse), Greg Palkowski (Womens Golf),  Jeff Blodgett (Men’s Water Polo), Lynette Schwartzenberger (Equestrian), Kim Corcoran (Women’s Basketball), Sarah Hawley (Dance), Amy Philage (Cheerleading), Anne Donevan (Water Polo and field hockey),  Kendra Keogh (Mens golf),  John Herold (Women’s Tennis) Jen Drenner (Football), Sharon Norris (Mens Swim and Dive), Tammy Knapp (Softball), Tracey Doyle (Baseball), Stephanie Seidl (Mens Basketball), Greg Palkowski (Women’s Golf),  Kathleen Kless (Volleyball), Tami Pederson (Womens Soccer), Kathie Piatek (Hockey)

Not Represented:  Treasurer,  Women’s Swim & Dive, Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Lacrosse, Wrestling, Middle School.

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 President’s Welcome & Report 

Shout out to Sports – Men’s Lacrosse won payoff game against Chelsea; Baseball clinched conference title with win against Chelsea; Mens JV Golf won a tournament and three individuals received medals (top ten); Dexter Rugby (not DHS but still celebrating) goes to State this weekend, Women’s track got first in the district, and boys track were runners up

New Members – Kim Corcoran will be helping with women’s soccer (with Tami Pederson) and repping women’s basketball; Sarah Hawley is the new dance team rep, though is travelling today; Lisa Schmidt is going to co-rep men’s basketball, Melissa Overton will be doing Mens Lacrosse, either alone or with a partner (Welcome all and thank you so much for helping our student athletes!!)

Trivia Night Success – applause, great night,

                        Raffle - $1,580

                        50/50 - $287

                        Mulligans and sales at the door - $800

                        Tickets - $3,600

                        Gross:  $6,267

Need to get B. Watkins on the books ASAP!!!

Year in Review:  Officers had a lot of big plans, life gets in the way, not all got done, but very motivated to accelerate progress, hoping to do a little re-organizing to streamline the processes and become more efficient.


2. Secretary’s Report – Minutes from April were approved; attached grant proposals were approved as shown (including a vote to approve request from Softball which was errantly not reviewed at the review meeting).  Non-concession teams that did not request a grant item, were allotted $250.   ,

Total requested in grants was $16,632.50.  Total Approved $9,449.50.  Total Available for grants $12,000 = $2,650.50 remaining. Marquee Projects – Requested that Hudl Software be purchased as a license for all teams to use.  Currently several teams are paying to use it separately. Economies to be gained by buying one site license.    Does video, analysis, stats, - great for review and improvement and also for recruiting videos.  $3,200 requested [], also requested for all teams to use, portable speaker system:  $3,250 requested [] for a combined estimated cost of $6,450 .  Available from earmarked ABCD Marquee income (5% of concession revenue) = $2,800 with an estimated shortfall of $2,800.  It was voted on and approved to pay the complete cost.

[As can be seen, after the new figures were added in for the $250’s and softball – we do not actually have the full amount to pay these costs. 

Actual cost of two items:                               $5,600.00

Available from ABCD:

5% Marquee funds -        $2,800.00

Remaining available -     $2,650.50


  Shortfall AD’s office will have to cover   $   149.50]

3.Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer was not present.  Reiterated that we do not have a treasurer for next year.

4.Vice Presidents Concession Report – The high school stand passed inspection; Al Ritt had not been inspected.  Jenn Drenner did nice signs for the concession stand.

5.All Board Discussion – Fundraiser – Talked about a Dreadstrong bumper sticker of some type, discussed various vendors, ideally would use GraphX at the high school but they will not have in the summer.  We will be doing Dexter Daze booth.  Would be good to have something to sell or give away. 

6.New Business – there will be an ad hoc meeting with the Athletic Director – hopefully in June [this was the Aug. 3 meeting] to outline a more efficient structure. 


Athletic Booster Club of Dexter