Athletic Booster Club of Dexter



Wednesday, September 16, 2015  7 pm in the Media Room

Dexter High School

[Text Box: Next Meeting: TUESDAY, October 20, 2015 7pm Media Center - DHS]

In Attendance: Regina Bell (President and Cross Country mens), Mary Beth Chesbrough  (Lacrosse mens and Vice President), Kristine Ballard (Football and Treasurer), Linda Wood (Volleyball & Secretary), Stephanie Seidl (Basketball mens),  Angie Nortley (Cross Country womens, & Track), Lisa Valle (Dance), Lynette Schwartzenberger  (Equestrian), Jen Drenner (Football), Kendra Keogh (Golf mens), Greg Palkowski (Golf womens), Karen Howatt (Hockey), Beth Humpert (Lacrosse womens),  Tammy Knapp (Softball), Sharon Norris (Swim & Dive mens), Martha Kaufman (Swim & Dive womens), Kendra Keogh (Tennis mens), Laurie Higgins (Tennis mens), John Herold (Tennis womens), Amy Philage (Varsity Cheer), Jeffrey Blodgett (Water Polo mens), Anne Donevan (Water Polo), Julie Olsen (Basketball Womens), Tami Pederson (women’s soccer), Kim Wheeler (mens soccer)

Not Represented at this meeting: Baseball, Field Hockey, Athletic Director

Teams without Representation:  Wrestling

Positions Needed:  Webmaster, Middle School Rep.

1.  President’s Welcome – R Bell mentions there were some questions about the Nov. 1 deadline.  *All Rep’s should be checking in with their coaches this month to make sure they are submitting their requests if they have them*.  Discussed parameters and boundaries of ABCD work.  We have been getting requests for help that should be going to buildings and grounds or AD first, like problems with the dangerous, broken tennis bleachers, and also the state of the tennis courts as reported last meeting.  Was concern that people realize that ABCD gets things done and we are being sidetracked by these types of requests.  True and noted fact, these issues should be going to the appropriate parties.  We should save our ‘goodwill’ from buildings and grounds for issues that we are requesting.  If funding requests from ABCD end up being part of the solution, then we deal with that as normal.  The $100 anonymous donation (see abcd FB page for text) was discussed, how best to spend.  Discussion about possibly having and annual $1000 +/- scholarship from ABCD – would have to determine where rest of money would come from, or just general ABCD fund dollars – would this help promote what we do.  We would need a committee – committee decides on winner, would need to be criteria, what about ABCD parents’ students?  Not allowed?  Should we give as a ‘pay-to-play’ scholarship, could be for student nominated by coaches or teammates as exhibiting selfless pay-it-forward or service type behavior.  Possibility of re-instituting Breakfast of Champions was brought up.  Much for and against discussion.  Was stopped as school budget crisis increased.  Not a ‘need’ but a ‘nice-to-have’.   This discussion will be tabled until next meeting as we have to move on. 

2.  Secretary’ Report  Part of the requirements for representatives was reaffirmed – if you cannot make it to a meeting, you need to send someone in your place if it all possible.  This person will represent you in discussions and vote on your behalf if voting takes place.  Minimum requirements: attendance at meetings, participation in Booster Blast and Holiday Hustle.  Tied in with the pay-it-forward donation, was discussed that we are eligible to apply for a matching grant from Dicks Sporting goods.  One item that is strongly needed is a portable sound system we rely on the good will of Dexter Little League and can borrow theirs, but we need one or ideally two of our own.  Need to research costs.  Motion to accept minutes made by T Pederson, seconded by MB Chesbrough.

3. Treasurers report  K Ballard goes over financial documents previously emailed.  We currently have $36,819 cash on hand, though are expecting a large bill from Coke and Classic Pizza to come out of that.

4.  Vice Presidents Report – Concessions  Teams with questions were asked to meet with MB Chesbrough after the meeting.  Most non-concession sports had signed up for homecoming (Oct 2).

5.  Fundraising – We have secured a deal with Classic Pizza whereby ABCD gets 5% of sales on every Wednesday in October, December and April – no coupons or mentions needed.  Discussed ways to promote this  other fundraising ideas.  We need to get the information on our website and promote in other ways. 

Need for Middle School Rep – Sharon Norris stated that she will be able to find someone to be the rep.

Anne Donevan stated that she will email Jamie Bronson about promoting the pizza night.

Trivia Night was discussed.  Other teams may want to run Trivia night.  We need to offer it to teams.  Need to pick a day with minimal conflicts.  Need to book K of C asap. 

Discussed possible Superbowl theme for Booster Blast, though still need to find a good venue.  Eveyrone needs to put thinking caps on.  The Friday night before Superbowl is not available at K of C.  Talked about many ideas, raffles, ‘legal’ football squares games, etc.   Need three leaders to run the event, once we can find a venue/date.  Everyone should assign their Bushes card to ABCD.  Can do it online.

6.  Adjournment